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Public Policy Pioneer

Public Policy Pioneer

Amy Dean has a long track record of helping business, government and labor interests bridge the gap between political and economic concerns by building thriving collaborations that result in innovative policy solutions.

Dean also has helped labor unions to reposition themselves and their work to proactively address community and economic development issues including transportation, housing, health care and infrastructure.

Her innovations pushed labor organizations to look beyond workplace issues and engage with community leaders on issues with regional impact Examples of the innovative initiatives led by Dean include:

  • Adoption of the nation’s first universal health care insurance plan for children regardless of immigration status;
  • Enactment of San Jose’s first Living Wage ordinance governing public contracts;
  • Preservation and extension of mass transit options for working families and
  • Development of one of the nation’s first proposed Community Benefits ordinances, which ties the expenditure of public funds and public subsidies to measurable community benefits.

California’s state leaders sought Dean’s expertise, tapping her to serve on the Secretary of Commerce’s Economic Strategy Panel, a body charged with developing economic strategies and legislative initiatives to spur competitiveness and social well-being in the state. Dean was also appointed to the California Speaker’s Taskforce for Tax and Fiscal Policy, a statewide legislative commission that recommended tax and fiscal strategies for the state of California. In addition to advising on macro-economic issues, Dean has helped local and regional leaders meet an array of community development challenges. These include chairing Santa Clara county’s drug and alcohol commission and serving on San Jose’s task force on K-12 education reform.