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Adapt to Change

Crisis Management & Turn-around Strategies

Whether an organization is facing a crisis situation or realizes they have reach a critical turning point in their development where they must reposition themselves for the future; these are the moments where a experienced turn-around expert can make the difference between success and growth or failure and decline.   These are the times when ABD Venture can help provide the strategies and capacity to address the crisis and put your organizations on the path to renewal and reinvigoration.  The turn-around plan is the core of a pivot point for an organizations at a crossroads.   ABD Ventures can help you develop and execute that plan by:

  • Doing a  expert assessment of the crisis situation, identifying the source of the challenges and the best tools to respond.
  • Providing interim capacity to manage a crisis team within your organization.
  • Developing a strategic plan to turn the situation around and  anticipate future vulnerabilities.
  • Helping to build your capacity to manage a turn-around through leadership development, stake holder strategies and resource development.