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What ABD Does

How do social change agents become more effective?

Social change agents seeking to build advocacy, organizing, policy and research capacity can call upon ABD Ventures. ABD Ventures will work with you to refine individual and organizational vision, develop strategies and tools towards building a more effective team capable of forming robust external partnerships through coalition building in order to deliver results over the long-term. ABD works collaboratively with a wide range of non-profit, small business and labor organizations resulting in a dramatic improvement of thinking and acting strategically either as individuals or in concert with partners.

ABD can help social change organizations:

  • Craft a strategic planning process that is adaptable to the ever changing dynamics of the social, political and economic environment while maintaining a steady focus toward the future.
  • Build organizational capacity to achieve a vision and operationalize it into the organization’s day to day work.
  • Create and implement leadership development training programs that cultivate the skills and capacity of senior leadership in order to build your team. This is your organization’s most important resource.
  • Align strategic planning with development efforts that create funding strategies connecting a funder’s attraction to programs without compromising the organization’s general operations.
  • Help institutions identify long-term mutual interests in order to create strategic partnerships and coalitions that further advance the strength of each organization.

Why we are different?

ABD provides strategic counsel that grows out of her over 20 years experience in the leadership and senior management of progressive labor and non-profit institutions. ABD believes that organizational development advisers should work themselves out of a job, not make your organization dependent on long-term service delivery. ABD works to build internal capacity and leave institutions and coalitions with concrete systems and tools that become self-perpetuating mechanisms for evaluation and refinement that can be integrated into the organizations long after work has been completed. ABD Ventures distinguishes itself from other traditional organizational development consultants as a result of the organization’s intrinsic knowledge of the culture, language and needs of social change organizations.