Executive Coaching

Amy Dean has spent more than a decade coaching. She facilitates a coaching process that helps leaders work through challenging situations and determine what response is most needed in the moment. Amy’s goal in a coaching relationship is to help leaders learn and develop their own unique leadership style. She often pairs executive coaching with board development and strategic planning.

Board Development

Too often, boards only see their role as a fiduciary responsibility. Amy partners with staff and board within the organization and facilitates with a complete governance perspective. She aligns board, staff, network members, and/or funders around shared values and purpose.

Strategic/Scenario Planning

Amy helps organizations to understand and act on their desired future state and most valuable contributions. She supports the creation of processes, structures, mindsets, and culture that are adaptable over time.

Theory of Change

Amy believes that every organization should develop a core theory for how it makes change in the world. Once this theory of change is articulated and defined, it will form the basis for strategic planning and implementation work.

Leadership Development

Amy is focused on both developing effective existing leadership and building the pipeline for future talent.  She often uses an iterative process to encourage adaptive over technical solutions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are common “buzzwords” but Amy has a true specialization in embedding these values within the DNA of an organization. Working with the Management Assistance Group, among others, she has honed her ability to recognize and address unspoken issues within her client organizations. This direct approach has helped countless organizations see the reality of the situation and come together around a common vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion.