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Black Friday Strike Will Test the Power of High-Stakes Online Organizing

By Josh Eidelson
November 21, 2012

The NationAmy Dean, the former president of California’s South Bay Labor Council, argued that in OUR Walmart’s campaign, social media “is being used in service to creating community for people in a workforce that is spread out globally…. They’re right to be utilizing every tool possible, because much of what this campaign hinges on is its ability to make people feel as though they are in relationship” with each other. Dean, a fellow at the Century Foundation, noted that social media is not “a replacement for doing the hard work of establishing one-on-one relationships,” but credited the campaign for “using those tools to create these relationships.”

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Where Does the Labor Movement Go From Here?

By Amy Dean
April 6, 2011

Yes! MagazineThousands of people gathered on the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota on April 4 to take part in a “March for the Middle Class.” As they made their way from the St. Paul Cathedral to the State Capitol, they carried signs that defended the rights of working Americans and chanted, “We are one.”

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ABD Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Amy B. Dean was quoted in a February 24, 2011 Wall Street Journal article by Jonathan Weisman, titled “Obama Sits Out State Fights.”

“Everybody is looking to the president on this one,” said Amy Dean, a labor activist and former AFL-CIO official in California. “The grassroots infrastructure of the Democratic Party is organized labor.”

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A New Blueprint for Change

By Amy B. Dean
Published: 11/10/2010

The finger pointing and soul searching has begun. Most of this post-mortem discussion is focusing on a narrow period of time, asking what went wrong with the Obama administration during the president’s first two years in office. The real problem the country is facing, however, is better considered over the span of two decades.

Download the PDF here. In These Times: A New Blueprint for Change