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Originally published at Truthout. United Food and Commercial Workers’ Pat O’Neill talks about the difficulty of organizing retail and the new tactics that have been developed, shoppers’ support and Walmart workers’ extraordinary courage in the rolling actions leading up to Black Friday. This fall has witnessed a wave of rolling strikes and other employee actions […]

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Help Obama Find His Shoes

On November 19, 2012 [Edit]

Originally published at In These Times. President Barack Obama’s re-election is a huge relief—we dodged the Romney/Ryan bullet. However, that’s not the same as winning a better future. If Obama’s first term is a prologue to the second, we should not expect to see much progress in strengthening the rights or bargaining ability of workers. […]

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Originally Published on In These Times. I have a concern: Teachers are getting pummeled. Too often, they are being demonized in the media and blamed by politicians for being the cause of bad schools. Right-wing governors, power-hungry mayors and corporate “reformers”—all ignoring root issues such as poverty and inequality—have scapegoated the people who have devoted […]

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