Who Calls Amy BDean?

The people who call Amy are organizational leaders trying to accomplish big things in the world. They are executive directors of nonprofit organizations, board chairs, and union presidents. Their mission might be to create greater racial and gender equity in society, to promote economic justice for working people, to bring together groups across geographical or organizational borders, or to activate faith communities to join in wider social movements.
The problems these leaders are facing vary. They are commonly grappling with how to best work with other groups in their sector to have greater impact, how to build a stronger board, how to unite a staff that is spread across different regions or institutional divisions, how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization, or how to create a strategic plan to amplify their group’s work over the next five years.
Because they are busy navigating the day-to-day complexities of running their organizations, they need a partner to collaborate with them to address these challenges. They are busy helping their members and constituents. They need to be able to carve out the space to figure out where they’re going.

What Does Amy Do?

Amy serves as a partner who can help organizational leaders think through the problems they are facing. She helps groups understand the systems in which they are operating. She brings to the table a depth of experience working with other organizations facing similar dilemmas, as well as knowledge of new tools, methodologies, and best practices from the field of organization development that have helped other leaders get results. In addition to her own expertise, Amy is part of a rich network of practitioners and consultants whom she can call on to assist with specific needs.
Amy helps her clients conceptualize and refine the difficulties they are confronting. Through a process of listening and asking clarifying questions, Amy and her clients often determine that the immediate issue presenting itself in the organization is actually a symptom of a broader problem. By helping clients pinpoint their true needs, Amy helps leaders save time and effort in getting to the real issues.
In conjunction with her clients, Amy creates clear, step-by-step processes that allow organizations to tackle big-picture problems, to change internal culture, and to expand the scope and impact of their work.
Amy would like to get to know your organization, your aspirations for creating change in the world, and what you’d like to accomplish together. If you would like to have a conversation, Amy would be honored to arrange a time to talk, free of charge.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Development
  • Strategic/Scenario Planning
  • Theory of Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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